MUSIC: CastORvill Ft. Takit – Testimony


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Here we have 3 minutes of gospel flavored music, that was written by a promising young artiste. He goes by the name *CastORvill*. I have to be honest about something here, I had no idea he was an artiste to begin with, yet alone a gospel trap artiste! So imagine my surprise the day he sent me an audio note on a messaging app, informing me of a song he wrote and would be dropping it very soon. Wow, I was mind blown. This song is a rousing number that exudes chills from within your soul, and sends goosebumps down your body. “TESTIMONY” as he titled it, is so inspiring and motivational that I felt there had to be something else behind the inspiration to write the song, something powerful.


[DOWNLOAD] MUSIC: CastORvill Ft. Takit – Testimony

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