Music: The Asaphs – Yanfu Yanfu (Abundance)

Music: The Asaphs – Yanfu Yanfu (Abundance)

The Asaphs is a choral gathering of youthful capable performers who can convey a wide scope of choral music with various styles and kind of music.

The Asaphs is known for her excellent interpretation of Hymns, Psalms, Spirituals, Folklore, Classical, Contemporary, Reggae and as of late Gospel Pop and Afrobeat, she is maybe the most youthful expert ensemble in the nation with a qualification in the Advanced choral singing from The Associated Board Royal Schools of Music, London.

The gathering began in December 2015 with just 20 individuals and today developed to well more than 50 individuals between the ages of 16 to 24. The gathering has gotten endowments from our Father in the Lord and a Father of Music in this nation Dr. D.K. Olukoya. She is as yet developing from solidarity to quality. The gathering is coordinated by Daniel Etim.

About the tune ‘Yanfu’

Yanfu is a Nigerian slang meaning bounty and in wealth. The melody was made and masterminded by Daniel Etim and delivered by Pamilerin Oladosu.

The piece was roused by the requirement for the world to grasp our God and value Him for some things He has done, been doing and what He will even now do.

The Asaphs chose to carry this recognition to another unheard of level with an alternate flavor from what we are truly not used to.

“We accept our God is including and not restricted by a style, culture or language, presenting an exceptional Nigerian started mainstream tune called Afrobeat. We want to move each man; dark or white, over the globe and countries of the world to go along with us and Praise God in light of the fact that regardless of whether no one needs to, We will keep on applauding Him.”

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