Iseoluwa – “Mo Ti G’oke”


Vivacious and Zestful Iseoluwa Abidemi debuts her eagerly awaited new single titled “MO TI G’OKE”.

The profoundly noteworthy and exceptional exertion from the 14-yr-old powerhouse artist, ventures beauty and parades the desire that accompanies having a place with God.

Created, composed and orchestrated by the astute Amb. Wole Oni – “MO TI G’OKE” highlights an addictive score which finely mixes EDM and Afro fly with spacey feeling, yet punchy and striking. It attacks the standard, uproots the normal request, penetrates your being and sets you on your feet.

MO TI G’OKE is a tune that actuates trust, animating expectation while oozing flavorful energy. Notwithstanding the vehement announcement and declaration attributes of the melody, you will discover it wonderfully and compellingly engaging.


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