Hillsong Worship Leader ‘Chelsea Taylor’ Suffers Brain Aneurysm


Chelsea Taylor, a love head of Hillsong church, endured a mind aneurysm. She was then brought to the emergency clinic for a nine-hour medical procedure. Taylor fell wiped out not long after subsequent to driving love at the megachurch’s Sydney grounds last Sunday.

The whole church with grounds all over the globe is appealing to God for Taylor. “… from Costa Rica to Sydney, Melbourne to France, Redding to sanfransisco we have been asking – at the beginning of today we accumulated in the innovative west wing as an inventive group and al slopes grounds group and we got fellowship, adored and appealed to God for chels.”

In an announcement presented on Instagram, Hillsong has refreshed us on Taylor’s condition: “She has quite recently gotten through a 9 hour cerebrum medical procedure and we are accepting for no more drains total recuperating and supernatural occurrences in Jesus name – we are not out of the forested areas using any and all means – this evening she is in ICU yet we have faith in Jesus, his restoration control and for would like to show up (@zellataylor and all your family we are in your group ).”

Taylor will be in the ICU for at any rate three weeks, yet is as yet looking for supplications as she recoups. Her mom expressed, “She revealed to me she thought she had kicked the bucket and as I expressed the Word over her she grinned and gestured! THIS IS A MIRACLE. Our God is awesome.”

Hillsong’s worldwide innovative chief Cass Langton reacts: “Actually this is a wonder! The remark was said to me, the specialists aren’t stating anything! Acclaim our loyal God… She strolled into chapel Sunday morning in her white tennis shoes! I am bringing them into her room today as A presentation of Faith that she is going to leave this medical clinic 100 percent recuperated in Jesus compelling name. I just disclosed to her the entire church is imploring and fasting everywhere throughout the world and she grinned and expressed profound gratitude mum.”

Individual venerate pioneer Brooke Ligertwood clarifies, “If it’s not too much trouble appeal to God for Chelsea, one of our dearest Sydney group. This is her driving love at chapel on Sunday-she was raced to clinic quickly a short time later, has since gotten through a significant medical procedure and necessities our supplication. This young lady is exceptionally dear to our souls.”


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