“My Job Is To Spread The Gospel” – Kanye West 


American Hip-Hop Superstar, Rapper and Producer Kanye West has unveiled in an ongoing meeting with Beat’s 1 Radio Zane Lowe in his Sprawling Wyoming Ranch everything that has happened with him prompting the arrival of his collection “Jesus is King”.


Over the term of their two-hour discussion, the pair addressed Kanye’s new collection; his freshly discovered love for God; his fight with Drake; Donald Trump; his past sex fixation; his psychological wellness, and the sky is the limit from there.


Kanye laid accentuation on his various inventive undertakings, from music to design to inns, and how it attaches back to dedication to God. “Since I’m in support of Christ, my main responsibility is to spread the gospel, to tell individuals what Jesus has accomplished for me. There was a period I resembled what design has accomplished for me what Hennessy has accomplished for me” he clarified.


As indicated by him; “I’m never again a slave, I’m a child now, a child of God, I’m free.” Regarding his music, Kanye declared a follow-up to ‘Jesus Is King’ called ‘Jesus Is Born’, which will be discharged on Christmas Day. He likewise said fans are “going to get the George Lucas forms” of his more established material, taking note of that his newly discovered religion has changed his point of view on “common music.” As such, he is currently re-recording his old music to mirror those Christian qualities, and never again expects to revile.


“I will never again engage. I’m not here for anybody’s diversion.”


“Music is my activity… God has given me a blessing that I appealed to God for thus numerous individuals love, that in the event that I quit doing it, he may begin removing different things. Who am I to state, ‘Goodness I got these shoes now, or we’re constructing this lodging now, or I have a family, I have a spouse and children… ‘” the notorious rapper clarified.


Clarifying further on his fight with psychological wellness, Kanye said; “They need to make the discussion consistently be about emotional well-being. What’s more, I do cherish the way that I can show the world that I’m staying here, and I have been analyzed, and cured, a drug that has been intended to make me fat… they’re attempting to slaughter the superhuman. I’m here to show that somebody who’s been analyzed can in any case be” an originator, in support of Christ, and a decent spouse, West said. He included that “individuals attempt to segregate my psyche and my contemplations on account of” his 2016 hospitalization for his “wellbeing and prosperity.”


Watch the full interview below;



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