Efe Nathan – None Compares [MP3]


Supernaturally got, Professionally made and conveyed by unmistakable Worship pioneer, Efe Nathan and her reality class group, The Navigators is another single titled — None Compares (The Worship Anthem).

It’s a Sound of Worship; a Fresh Anthem of vertical love that has even started resonating in numerous hearts before its official discharge.

In view of the melody’s motivation, Efe Nathan says “I got this tune in entire, while I was hanging tight for the spouse of one my back up vocalists in the conveyance room. Our expectations were high and we were trusting God for safe conveyance of their first youngster notwithstanding all the complexities and the clinical reports. Amidst every one of those apprehensions while I remained in confidence and petitions with the family in that spot in the emergency clinic, the Holy Spirit put that melody in my heart as affirmation that He was in charge and all will be well and not long after that tune came and I sang it the child was conveyed phenomenally”

I accept this declaration is the “Firstborn” of numerous declarations that will emit in the lives of everybody who downloads, tunes in and sings this tune. I am expecting uber declarations when individuals devotees or not, assemble and sing or even hear this melody. Fiendish reports will be dropped. What has been outlandish will get conceivable and things will occur for individuals that must be recognizable to God until everybody can affirm this is the finger of God.”

This Indescribable sound proclaims the Awesomeness of God and what makes Him HOLY, set apart from some other.

None Compares is Written by Efe Nathan and Produced by Ayodeji Ojekunle.

All Praise and Worship groups, this is Your new song of praise,

Each family and family, soak the air with this tune,

Wonders will detonate on that business,

Healings will undoubtedly occur.

— Efe Nathan.


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C’mon everybodyG

Give God Glory!!

You ready to praise Him uuh

None compares to our God

He’s worthy of all the glory and all the praise comon

C’mon eh now eh eh

C’mon eh now eh eh

Oh now



You ready!

None compares to you

I lift my voice to you

None compares to you

I lift my hands to you


Call: Alpha omega

Res: You are God

Call: Ancient of Days

Res: You are God

Call: Creator of the earth

Res: You are God

Call: Omega:

Res: You are God


You are Messiah (4x)

You are my healer (4x)

Hossana (8x)

Halleluyah (8x)

We praise you (6x)


None compare to you

I lift my voice to you

None compares to you

I lift my hands to you.

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