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Hail The King by Saint Rhymi is a song that talks about the supremacy and wonders of God, He is the one that truly deserves our praise and adoration.

The talented minister got the inspiration in using rap styles in this song in which the rhythm and the rhyming of the words will surely moved you in “Hailing The Most High”.

Prod. By Dexter

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Hail The King Lyrics By Saint Rhymi

Is about God and his love towards us
his mercy endureth forever
all hail the king(2x)
lift up your heads
o ye gate, for the king of glory to come in
the Lord of host is so strong and mighty
his kingdom can not be erased, his the God that can not be displaced
All hail the king(2x)
Rap Verse
Igwe soh soh gi bu eze nne nigwe
you the one and only God
the true and the sure way
when we dey go astray
your word dey shows us all the way
we no be athelete, but your word dey  make us still dey win the race
when there is a casting down
we tell them there is a lifting up
u pick us and brush us and took us up above the  mountain top.
we forsake things of the world and accept salvation
ding!ding! ding!dong we dey play the drum of victory song.
when u cry, he hears u cry
he feels ur pain, he promise to stay and never to go away.through the burning flames his right there with u. through the stumbling! stumbling block his right there with u.
Never to leave u, to stay with u, for the thought he has for u is of good and not of evil , to give u an expected end, expected end. lift up ur eyes on to the hills
all u could see, is God beautiful helping hand
His blessings upon you is more than a grain of sands
so te people around you no go even, even understand
for the part of the just is like a shining light
that shines more and more,yes
indeed we are made of your word
when the world complain tough time never last
Right in the tough time I beat up my chest sey I still dey make the blast
I get an heavenly father who is the alpha and omega
whose word get me inspire
set my soul on fire
how much I go pay
to wipe away my sins away, that you forsake your glorious throne to die for my sake
you were crucify right on the cross of calvary
that’s the privilege you’ve given to  sing the song of victory
great is the Lord
and greatly to be praise
e mana Jehovahs kingdom can never be wiped away
Jesus! so full of grace
for the sake of the gospel
I can never be ashame
Response: Never
is the only God that get me high
makes his word, makes me and takes me above the high
arise and shine
for my time is now
I am the boss
am rolling, the whole down the town
is the one and only God that get me inspirated
is the one that could get me elevated
all thanks to him
all thanks to him
so I  say, all all hail the king
Chorus: all hail the king(2x)
all hail the king
for his kingdom
can never be erased
all hail the abba father
all hail the king
all hail the king
for he is the alpha and omega
is a God by himself
no one can take that from him


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