DOWNLOAD MUSIC: Ekun Rere Ibukun (Abundant Blessings) – AGBC ANTHEM


This is an instrumental production of the Amazing Grace Baptist Church Anthem titled, “Ekun Rere Ibukun” (Abundant Blessings). The music piece was composed as a prophetic charge for the year 2020. Embellished with highly classic rhythm and symphony, the song serves, not only as the anthem of the church, but also as a choral blessing upon the soul of every person who sings it. At this point in time, the instrumental re-harmonization of the song has come to imbue the song with a distinct shade of musicality, adding more vibes, style, energy and colour to the lyrical shape of the erstwhile lyrical composition.

Composer: Engr Adebayo Oyewole

Produced by: Lumexino


Stay blessed as you listen.



DOWNLOAD MP3: Ekun Rere Ibukun - AGBC Anthem



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