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Strings Record frontier, Freeborn Strings an ace patron and a great composer returns with another single named; “Osasogie” a Benin word which means “Jesus is Worthy”
The song “ Osasogie” speaks of how Jesus always deserves our praise. The new song was tone produced (by the artist).

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Osasogie (Jesus is Worthy)


Call: Jesus is Worthy to be praised

Res: He’s is Worthy, He’s Worthy to be praised, He’s Worthy


He’s Worthy to be praised

My God is Worthy, Jesus is Worthy

He’s worthy to be praised, He’s worthy

There is no reason not to thank you

There is no reason not to praise you

My heavenly Father (x2) eeh

You brought us out of bondage

You brought us out of hardship and problems

You came to for us and gave us redemption (x2)

Thank you Jesus, Thank you


Accept my thanks

Accept my praise

Jesus my King

You deserve my praise


We are alive to see today

It is by God’s power

We slept and woke up

It is by God’s power my brethren

So many of our age mates are dead

Some are forgotten

It’s not because we are righteous that He remembered us

It’s not because we have so much that God remembered us

Not because we are too strong that He remembered us

It is by His mercies and grace



My gracious God

I’m satisfied with everything you have done for me

Thank you for my life

Thank you for the gift of children

For the complete body that I have

For good health I’m grateful

Thank you heavenly Father eeh…


There is no God like you

There is no king like you

There is no one else like you (x2)


Repeat hook

Repeat chorus till fade

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