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Emmanuel Anderson,
Is a Multi-Genre Gospel Artist
Singer, Song Writer, Recording  and Performing Artist.
Currently signed-up to ProNeat M-Studio.

Emmanuel kojo Arnim Mercer Anderson  Obeng  Popularly known as Emmanuel Anderson was born on The 14th of July 1997 at Madina, Ghana. He is the ninth born of ten siblings borne to Mrs Margaret  Sarfo and Mr John Anderson Obeng. He’s  Currently  based in the Gambia.

Emmanuel Anderson started his Music Career in 2015 as a worship Leader in his Church. From then on He started writing  his own songs and lead Various choir Groups and has sang in various church platforms. He was also part of The Africell Be A Star 2021 The Gambia.

Emmanuel Anderson is very Passionate  about the Gospel music (Good Music) and he is very passionate about reaching out to the lost through  the tools of Sound and Lyric.

Career: Musician, Song Writer.
Instrument: Vocalist, Guitarist, Drummer, Keyboardist.

The “work on me” song was created in 2020, it was a year when everything wasn’t working well for me. I was moving from one place to another looking for a job although it was a lockdown season due to the coronavirus outbreak. at the same time failing my spiritual responsibilities such as being an effective Youth leader and a Worship leader indulging in Sin and Selfish drive accumulated a complete breakdown internally and physically torment ( Family pressure, Choice of Career, a Breakup with my girlfriend ). With these going on in my life I realized that there is only one man who can

listen and fix my problem and that man is Jesus, yes, He has been the only one who has time to listen and Correct my mistakes. So I went into Prayer and the prayer point is that God should WORK ON ME that is how Work on me came about. In the song, you will hear me say that “My spirit is willing but the Flesh is deceiving refusing rebuking am fighting receiving” that is to tell you that my Christian journey has to do with fighting physical needs and spiritual development. furthermore, I believe that being a songwriter and a Singer writing lyrics that inspire, Rebuke, Correct, and encourages Mankind in and out of the Kingdom of God should be mandatory.



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Work on me Lyrics

Verse 1:
I’m far from being a perfect man
Never be a better man
With all of these spiritual boundaries
Physical Crisis how can I pass this

Am a man full of power
Soak in desire
So much I’m wanting
spirit is wanting from Jesus Fountain

My spirit is willing
But Flesh is deceiving
Oh I don’t know what to believe in
Holy Spirit come teach me
And I will listen

My spirit is willing
But Flesh is deceiving
Oh there’s something I haven’t noticed
Holy Spirit come teach me

Work on me
Work on me
Work on me
Work on me

Spiritual boundaries, Work
Physical crisis, Work
My spirit is wanting, Work
But Flesh is Deceiving, Work

Work on my passion Work
Work on my actions work
Work on my Visions work
And I will listen

Verse 2:
I’m nothing
I’m nothing without you
All I see is nothing
I’ll be running after things

That is Nonsense so nonsense
I don’t need nonsense


I’m something I’m something
With you in my life
Makes me something
Will not walk on the street without nothing
But with something bigger something

My spirit is willing but flesh is deceiving refusing rebuking
Am fighting receiving
I’m all yours
Don’t stop your working
It is what my spirit really is wanting

My spirit is willing but flesh is deceiving refusing rebuking am fighting receiving
I am all yours
Break me up
Soak me up
Till am adapted to correction

Awake oh captives
Heres the keys
Awake oh Captives
Jesus’s here
Awake oh captives
Freedom is here
Awake oh captives
Jesus’s king

Awaken awaken
Awaken awaken

Work on me
Work on me
Work on me
Work on me

Work on me…

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