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Singer-songwriter, RukyBatEl releases her debut single titled ‘Still God’.

Inspired by Numbers 23:19, Psalm 1:3 and Matthew 5:16, she sings about her experience and faith in God who always comes through regardless of how we feel about our situations.

Speaking about the story behind the song, RukyBatEl shares: “My life is a living proof that God always keeps His promises. There have been moments I felt He has forgotten what He promised me or I didn’t hear Him clearly and such times can be discouraging. You feel alone and helpless, like a child without a covering.

But I always picture God looking at me at such moments saying “My darling daughter, I know what I said to you and I haven’t forgotten. I love you too much to leave you hanging. Just allow me fulfil my promise my way”.

So I’ve learnt to submit my cares and fears to God at all times knowing that no matter how I feel or what it is, He is still God and He loves me too much to not keep His word to me”.

Produced by guitarist, singer-songwriter Nelson Jason, who RukyBatEl credits as giving her the push to becoming a recording artist, “Still God” is a blend of R&B Pop, reflecting her love for unique sounds and mix of genres.



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Twitter: @rukybatel
Facebook: @Rukevwe Ekewenu


RukyBatEl, originally known as Rukevwe Ekewenu or Ruky, is a multi-talented Creative in Writing, Speaking, Film and Music. She is a Barrister with a passion for the Media and Entertainment. She is the brand manager of IMPACT TripleW, a Media Production Outfit based in Abuja, Nigeria.

RukyBatEl is a Filmmaker; Writer, Director, Actor and Producer with 4 short films (one based on her true story about suicide), 8 Monologues (6 original), video commercials and campaigns to her credit so far.
She has been in the Media for 10 years and the Movie Industry as an Indie Film Maker for 4 years out of these 10 years.

She tells stories with inspiring messages via write-ups, music, videos, adverts, campaigns and movies. She writes stories for blogs and scripts for commercials, events, plays and movies.

Having been a music lover and singer-songwriter since childhood, she has been a part of several choirs and bands over the years as a top notch Background Vocalist. She has worked with several notable Nigerian and International Artists including Nikki Laoye, Kike Mudiaga, Donnie McClurkin, Micah Stampley, Phil Thompson, to mention but a few.

She names Ron Kenoly, Don Moen, Alvin Slaughter, Helen Baylor, Kirk Franklin, Mary Mary, Bebe and Cece Winans as some of her earliest influences in music.

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