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US Based Songwriter, music maker and producer, YDel Prince, has just released the captivating new single, ‘Mighty Good Gidigba’ – the song is an inspirational blend of pop, soul, jazz and afrobeat.

This excellent piece of work will definitely brighten up any day for the listener. The lyrics are powerful, the rhythm is perfect and The core message of the song is the unsurpassed and immeasurable goodness of God.

Yemi Adelaiye, popularly known as YDel Prince, is fired up to put a smile on your face from a joy filled heart. The song “Mighty Good Gidigba” was inspired by a host of musical influences that YDel has listened to in his growing up years like Lagbaja, Sunny Ade, Ebenezer Obey, Anita Baker to mention a few.
With this song, he was able to come up with a unique sound that combines African and Western music like no one has done before.

This song transcends many frontiers, and it is fast becoming an instant hit, turning into a celebration song in gatherings and social events, playing on the airwaves in the California Bay Area and other parts of America and on major radio stations and social media.

YDel believes music is a powerful tool that relates to the emotions of the human soul. In his words, “Everyone responds to music and it is an inseparable part of our lives. My vision is to inspire people in diverse ways across genres of music and with a strong message to create a positive influence and change lives.”

Although his music breaks frontiers and blesses many, Ydel Prince, more than anything wants to bless the world with his music and be an example to young people in music, and in general life. His passion stems from his desire to make people know that God is love and God loves them, and that they can only find true joy, love and happiness in God.




Yemi Adelaiye popularly known as YDEL Prince, is a multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, singer, producer and preacher. Ydel has been touching lives behind the scenes for decades with his musical creativity as a keyboardist, music director and music pastor.

Born into the family of a Baptist preacher with a strong musical background in a western Nigerian city, he
started playing musical instruments at the age of seven.
He recalls, “I was already the keyboardist/organist of my church at the age of 10. I remember I used to play an old bellow pedal organ at that early age. I was so small that during services church members could not see who is at the organ seat, but I could hold down chords and play hymns to everyone’s amazement.”
Prince also has a lot of praise for his elder brother who exposed him to different types of musical influences.

At a young age, he had won many hearts with his multi-musical talents and gained invitations to perform at
big concerts and other events. Soon enough,he was invited to the Full Gospel Band, a well-known band in western Nigeria, touring several major cities and holding concerts with top artistes and gaining wide publicity.
He also produced an album with this band.

Ydel studied Music Technology and His musical education strongly enhanced his musical intelligence while broadening his overall appreciation and experience in different genres of music, including pop,R&B, jazz, rock, reggae and gospel.

He believes in the power of music to enlighten, brighten, empower and refresh the whole individual. His music ministry has been accompanied with spirit-filled musical testimonies from diverse audience.


Instagram: @YemiAdelaiye
Twitter: @YdelPrince
Facebook: Yemi Adelaiye
Tiktok: @yemiadelaiye527

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