MUSIC + VIDEO: Dunsin Oyekan – Finger of God


Finger of God,” the newest single from Dunsin Oyekan is finally out! This comes barely 2 weeks after the Nigerian psalmist blessed fans with a remake of his “YHWH” collab single with Nathaniel Bassey.

“Finger of God” is a song of worship and testimony birthed from a thankful heart in awe of God’s Goodness, Love, Grace, and Miraculous works. This aptly captures Dunsin’s heart after miraculously surviving a ghastly accident unscathed a few weeks ago.

“And when people ask me, This is all I can say.
This is the finger of God In my life…” He sings

“There are things that happen in our lives that are clearly not our doing. I believe that this resonates with a number of people, it’s basically the story of your life!,” Dunsin Oyekan shares, “Paul said; I am what I am by the Grace of God”

“When people who don’t believe in our God and people who don’t believe that God exists come to the irrefutable conclusion that “this is beyond the ordinary”, then it can only be by “THE FINGER OF GOD” the Worship revivalist added, “This is my story! And if this is also your story then this ANTHEM is for you!”

Check it out on all digital stores

“Finger of God” is accompanied by its official live video. Watch below;


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