“Discover the Latest Music: Bengatzeal Ft. Temple Nation’s New Release ‘Know God'”


“Know God” by Bengatzeal featuring Temple Nation is officially out and available on all digital stores! This exhilarating collaboration takes the listeners on a profound spiritual journey, inviting them to experience the depths of their faith and establish a personal connection with God.

As the soulful and captivating melodies intertwine with powerful and heartfelt lyrics, the music transcends genres, bridging the gap between contemporary gospel and mainstream music. Released amidst a time of uncertainty and challenges, this song reminds us of the importance of seeking solace in our faith and finding strength in God’s love.

It encourages us to embark on a quest for spiritual fulfillment, urging us to embrace the transformative power that comes from knowing God. So, don’t miss out on this extraordinary musical experience – go ahead and stream “Know God” to uplift your soul and deepen your spiritual connection!

Stream Below:


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