“Oluwaseun Akhigbe & Worship Tribe Unveils Exciting New Music Release: ‘What Shall I Render'”


“WHAT SHALL I RENDER” is a transformative musical journey that prompts reflection and gratitude. Through their heartfelt worship, Oluwaseun Akhigbe & Worship Tribe humbly offer their sacrifice of praise, acknowledging the immeasurable blessings received. This extraordinary song invites individuals to join in lifting their voices in unison, expressing gratitude and saying, “Thank you, Jesus.”

Inspired by the words of Psalms 100:4, this soul-stirring song invites listeners to embrace a spirit of appreciation and offer their unceasing praise to God. With captivating melodies and heartfelt lyrics, Oluwaseun Akhigbe and Worship Tribe create an atmosphere of worship that resonates with deep reverence and unshakable faith.

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