“Tosing Ojuri – Come Around (Feat. Saint David): Captivating New Release | Listen Now!”


Renowned Christian music artiste Tosing Ojuri has teamed up with Canadian Christian rapper Saint David to produce a groundbreaking musical collaboration titled ‘Come Around’ that marries the rich rhythms of Afrobeat with the dynamic energy of Hip Pop Rap.

This fusion of cultural influences results in a truly unique sound that is poised to captivate audiences worldwide. Tosing Ojuri, celebrated for his distinctive Afrocentric style and melodious vocals, has joined forces with Saint David, a prominent figure in the Canadian Christian rap scene, known for his thought-provoking lyrics and charismatic stage presence.

This collaboration brings together the best of both artists’ talents, as they seamlessly blend their distinct musical backgrounds into a harmonious and compelling sonic experience.

The collaborative track “Come Around” takes listeners on a genre-defying journey that transcends traditional musical boundaries. The song merges infectious Afrobeat rhythms, characterised by infectious percussion and catchy melodies, with Saint David’s intricate Hip Pop Rap verses that weave together storytelling and profound messages. The result is an irresistible and uplifting track that carries a powerful message of unity, faith, and cultural exchange.

Tosing Ojuri expressed his excitement about the collaboration, stating,

“Working with Saint David has been an incredible experience. Our shared passion for music and faith allowed us to create something
truly special that resonates with people from all walks of life. This fusion of Afrobeat and Hip Pop Rap is a testament to the universal language of music.”

Saint David echoed this sentiment, adding,

“The collaboration with Tosing Ojuri has been a blessing. Our music aims to break down barriers and spread positivity. By merging Afrobeat and Hip Pop Rap, we’re able to reach a wider audience and spread messages of hope and inspiration.”

Some other music industry creatives in Canada like the Dance Creation academy have also collaborated on the song with a dance. With its genre-bending sound and spiritually uplifting content, the track is a highlight in the careers of both Tosing Ojuri and Saint David.

The track is already available Youtube and some major streaming platforms. There is an accompanying visualizer and music video (Shorts) that visually captures the essence of the collaboration, enhancing the overall experience and providing a window into the creative minds of the artists.

Download & stream audio below:

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