“Transforming Scars Into Gold: Watch the Captivating Music Video by Ebi Oginni”


Ebi Oginni Releases a stunningly beautiful video of her new single – Scars To Gold

Have you ever felt battle scarred by life? Maybe, a really difficult period in your life, or something you struggle with everyday?

Scars are things we may want to hide, but we need to remember that in our weaknesses, God shows up STRONG. There’s a Japanese art of putting broken pottery back together with gold, so the finished product is even more beautiful than the initial product.

When we think of the story of Paul asking God to take a particular burden from him and God saying to him ‘My Grace is sufficient for you’, there’s a new height we experience in God, when we give our flaws, our shortcomings, our weaknesses, our brokenness to HIM, knowing that HE can and Will turn it into gold and make us, our story, our testimony more beautiful than we could have asked or imagined.

Ebi Oginni’s new song, Scars to gold, with her powerful performance in her stunning music video is sure to remind you of just this; that when we give God our scars, our pain, our past, our imperfections, He can take it and turn it to Gold.

This is the first Single from her newest collection of songs recorded in Stabal Studios. The next will be released in September.

Stream below:

Watch video:





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