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Mistrel Lydia Gospel, a rising star in the world of gospel music, she’s set to captivate hearts and minds with her latest release, “Your Name is Beautiful.” This powerful and inspirational song is dedicated to God Almighty, as Mistrel Lydia expresses her gratitude for His unfailing love and mercy in her life. With its profound lyrics and heartfelt melodies, “Your Name is Beautiful” is a testament to the artist’s deep connection with God and the power of prayer.

Mistrel Lydia Gospel has established herself as a gifted singer-songwriter, whose devotion to her faith shines through in her music. “Your Name is Beautiful” serves as a testament to her unwavering commitment to spreading the message of hope, love, and divine grace. The song has been meticulously crafted with heartfelt sincerity, reflecting Mistrel Lydia’s personal journey and her profound encounters with God.

From the moment the song begins, listeners will be enveloped in a spiritual experience that resonates deeply with their souls. The ethereal vocals of Mistrel Lydia effortlessly soar over an enchanting musical arrangement, creating an atmosphere of reverence and worship. The lyrics beautifully convey the artist’s gratitude and adoration for God’s blessings, instilling a sense of awe and appreciation in all who listen.

In “Your Name is Beautiful,” Mistrel Lydia Gospel masterfully combines elements of African, soul, and inspirational music, resulting in a timeless composition that transcends genres and speaks directly to the hearts of believers. This powerful anthem is sure to become a cherished addition to worship gatherings, personal devotionals, and prayerful moments of reflection.

Mistrel Lydia Gospel invites listeners to experience the transformative power of “Your Name is Beautiful” and be uplifted by its divine message.

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About Mistrel Lydia Gospel:

Mistrel Lydia Gospel is an emerging gospel artist known for her soul-stirring music and heartfelt lyrics. With a passion for worship and a deep devotion to her faith, Mistrel Lydia aims to inspire and uplift listeners through her music. Her unique blend of African Gospel, contemporary gospel and soulful melodies creates a powerful atmosphere of worship and praise.

Your Name is Beautiful Song Lyrics

Jehovah your name is wonderful
Jehovah your name is beautiful
Jehovah your name is wonderful Lord jehova your name is beautiful oh oh oh oh oh, ohh ohh

At the mention of your name, principalities and powers, they submit to the power of the Lord,
By your name, the deaf and dumb they hear, they can talk in your name the barren they conceive,
That’s why I say, your name is wonderful Lord, jehova ,your name is beautiful eh eh eh eh eh

In your name there is power for breakthrough
In your name there is healing and deliverance, there is anointing, that breaks the yolk of operations, chains are broken and we are set free , that’s why we say your name is wonderful Lord, Jehovah your name is beautiful

Your name is power , your name is above all , your name is great and greatly to be praise

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