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“Abiyamo” is a song that reminds you of the undying love of God (a good father) to you, His beloved child.

He knew you (Jeremiah 1:5) and had a very beautiful plan for you before you even came to be (Jeremiah 29:11). He further chose to be with you all the way (Isaiah 43:2)

So beloved, love up on Him with this sound and immerse yourself more in His love.

Aderonke Odushola (Ronnycrown) is a dynamic and passionate gospel music minister on the rise. Born almost 3 decades ago in Lagos, her journey into the world of music began at an early age, captivated by the transformative power of gospel melodies. She found solace and inspiration in the church choir, where her vocal talents blossomed.

Driven by a profound desire to share the message of hope and faith, Ronnycrown embarked on a musical journey that led to the release of her first sound (Abiyamo) in July 2023.

Beyond the stage, Ronnycrown is committed to using her music as a vessel for positive change to inspire and uplift listeners, fostering a deeper connection with spirituality.

With an unwavering dedication to her craft and a heart devoted to spreading the gospel, Ronnycrown plans to continue to ascend in the world of gospel music, leaving an indelible mark on the hearts of those touched by her uplifting tunes.

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Abiyamo Song Lyrics by RonnyCrown

Intro – Eh! Baba to to Baba…
Baba to to Baba o o o o..

Verse 1 – Before the start of life You knew me
Holding my hands through every phase
You always come through for me
You never let me go
And I adore You every day

Chorus – Abiyamo to mo yi omo…
E Kira fun Baba mi o o…
Abiyamo to mo yi omo…
Baba to to Baba…

Verse 2 – I never thought that I could be loved like this
You see me beyond my mistakes
Oh! Your love is overwhelming
I’ll tell it to the world
Oh no! No father loves like You
(No father loves like you)


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